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03/04/2012 UMMMBADA Double
Phone: 480 202-4013
Would I Recommend To Others? Yes
Appt. Type: Double
Date Seen: 03/03/2012
Affiliation: Independent
City: Phoenix
Arrival: Yes
Location: Incall
Clean: Clean
Atmosphere: Excellent
Attitude: Passionate
Hygiene: Squeaky Clean
Age: Over 45
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Pubic Area: Partially Shaved
Build: Athletic
Height: 5'3"-5'5"
Tattoos: No
Piercings: Unknown
Implants: No
Cup Size:
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male

Saw Vic and Tobie is partnering up for a ”cupcake special”. Ok, where to was so fun with Vic and Tobie don´t know where to begin. The experience with the two ladies was excellent. They were so thoughtful and careful on planning the whole date out. Long before the actual date, they asked lots of my preference and likes to make a perfect evening for me. They even take notice of many subtle things down to little details from music preferences to what kind of tea I like to what turns me on bcd.

So we met at Vic´s place, and communication via email was easy. When I arrived the ladies are very welcoming and both gave me hug and kisses. They are both dressed in sexy thigh highs as requested. We sat at the sofa to enjoy some cupcakes that Vic prepared for us. Vic is a very considerate host, and got to great length to prepare this for us. While Vic is making some organic tea, Tobie and I start to get to know each other on the couch. She kisses lightly at first and then into dfk, while my hands roam her very sexy body. Her hands are also rubbing my back, thighs, and the boys too. I am already very excited, and I have only been there for 5 minutes. Frankly saying I could do that with Tobie for a very long time.

Tobie and I eventually stopped, and Vic comes back with the tea. Her organic tea is very good, and we enjoyed the cupcakes that Vic prepared for us. We chatted about the hobby and life for a little while before Vic suggest we move to the bedroom for the fun. They quickly undressed me and before I know it Vic is dfking with me while Tobie puts me in her mouth for an awesome bbj. During the bbj her boobies keeps rubbing up and down my thighs and that turned me even more on. It did not take long for the 1st pop to go with Tobie´s bj. Next Vic and Tobie switch places. Vic is equally as awesome. They both have their own unique styles and techniques. Tobie is more soft type and have great hand work and eye contact, while Vic...well her twister felt great. If you see Vic ask for the twister… After some fantastic bjs on goes the party hat. Started with Vic on top then mish with Tobie, and finish it off with another great bj from Tobie. We rested for a bit and chatted, but all the while Tobie and Vic is rubbing me all over and started playing with Vic´s ”special sauce”. Soon the 3rd round starts…with…I don’t remember…lol. Something with both Vic and Tobie going down then more mish…anyways ended with both Vic and Tobie on their knees giving a double bbjtcim. No doubt I left out stuff here, but I truly don’t remember it all as there are so many things happening at once. Let’s just sum it up with one word: awesome! Anyways, go see them together or individually…

Oh, still need to mention they both have very great boobies. I played with them for a long time…I think pretty much the whole time I am playing with one of them…lol

At the end we all just rested on the bed and chatted. Vic did a great comedy act for us. I took a shower and said goodnight to them.